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The magic of Natural Referencing

Natural referencing or SEO, if explained in a few simple words, is what places YOUR company at the top of search results on the various browsers when someone looks up, as an example: heat pomp (if you are selling heat pomps, of course, otherwise we have a serious problem).

Our objective? Simple: use the best referencing techniques to raise your position as much on Google as on its little cousin Bing, that isn't all that small anymore, and on Yahoo! We do so by completing a SEO or natural referencing strategy, as you wish, for each page (yes, you saw it right, each page of your website) while emphasizing on sentences and key words of optimized research depending on the needs of the clients your company targets. After a lot of research and analysis, our team of passionate experts will incorporate the tools so your site can be at the top of the results, and then will add to it all an external strategy thought and adapted to you only. The cherry on top is that we will also take the time to explain to you how the SEO should grow through your website pages compared to the competition. We do like a good results comparison!

In more details, we will study key words, because even a genius has to study. We will then proceed to the optimization of metadata, H1, H2, H3. So your SEO can be effective, it is essential that your site have a tremendous speed score. We take care of everything: architecture, external links, media optimization. Just like your work desk, it is important that your site be ergonomic, in other words, that users can navigate intuitively through it. You can absolutely not overlook your Google My Business sheet. Our team will make sure your sheet is updated and that the information written is relevant, which will avoid one of your competitors outshining you. We know you love results as much as we do, that is why we take the time to present and explain to you on a realistic basis how your SEO will grow and we will give you a full audit!

You probably already know that:

  • 93% of online experiences start on a Web browser.
  • 81% of people make a certain type of research online before making a major purchase.
  • 61% of internet users research a product online before buying.
  • 70 to 80% of people ignore the paid listing research results, choosing to click only on organic research results.
Find a balance between the quality of information for clients and the well-thought key words. Pictures and videos can help to offer SEO content.
In a website, the platform is important, but not as much as the scripting, pictures and tags optimization. We will align the information so it looks flawless to Google.
The RankBrain algorithm of Google wants visitors of a website to appreciate the content, that they visit in general more pages than the competition (bounce rate) and end up taking action on the website (purchase, contact, map direction).
To have different sources of qualified traffic on a website is excessively important to help Google to evaluate the quality of your brand. Web referencing also comes from blog articles that take position when people look for answers to their questions.

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