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Have you thought about an intelligent conversational Chatbot to improve your sales or your customer service?

Are you always impressed by this sort of robot that answers your questions and almost anticipates your next answer? In any case, if it's not true for you, to us it's really awesome! Have you thought about an intelligent conversational Chatbot to improve your sales or your customer service?

A Chatbot is an app that we program to magae for you, in an automated manner, many online activities to help you make more money and make your life easier. Wonderful!

Here are all the pros of using a Chatbot.

  • Your leads qualification. Classify and sort out your prospects automatically. Phone or write to qualified prospects.
  • Automatically recontact people who abandonned their cart in your online store by showing them items from their cart accompanied with a promo code.
  • Create viral contests with the help of a Chatbot. The automation of Chatbots increase the engagement of your social media publications. Manage redundant questions or the FAQ automatically. Save time with your customer service. Offer 24/7 support.
  • Automate tasks. (Automate your reviews on Google)
  • Orders follow-up through text messages on a cellphone or on Facebook Messenger. Your clients will be informed at all time of where their packages are.

No matter if you are a comapny of services wishing to manage your prospects better or if you are simply owner of an online store aiming to increase your sales with abandonned carts, the Chatbot will certainly help you. In addition to helping you to partially automate your customer service, it will help you to increase your contact points with your potential clients. The math is simple, the more contact points you will establish, the more you will increase your chances of converting the potential client into a satisfied one.

Of course, we will deetermine the objectives of your Chatbot together to establish the best marketing strategy possible. After this, we will prepare everything, we will present it to you and we make some tests to guarantee the success of the project. It is not rare that we have to make a few modifications, and 3, 2, 1, ready to go! Oh right, we also discuss of budget, it's important to always respect your budget. Though we highly recommend some amounts, we follow your instructions!

Did you know that the average opening rate of an Email Marketing campaign varies between 10% and 25% while the one for a Chatbot is around 85%? Conversationnals Chatbots add 2 new contact points: text messaging (cellphone) and messages on Facebook Messenger.